Monday, 1 September 2008

Blog Break

I afraid there will be a suspension of blog services for the forseeable future as I'm off to hospital. I hope when I return Luke will have taken some photos and I will share them with you all.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mmm tasy Duck!

Breakfast - Apple porridge

Lunch/Supper - Salmon and tomato pasta followed by Lamb and Vegetables

Edward had quite a late lunch as I was so tired when we got back from the duck race so there wasn't really time to give him two meals before he went to sleep for the night.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Edward's terrible case of imaginary CF!

Breakfast - Banana and rusk

Lunch - More banana and rusk

Supper - Broccoli and courgette cheese mixed with the parsnip and date purée

Edward has had lots of fun today. He woke up at about 7 and played in his cot till about 8 when I woke up properly, we then came into the lounge as we always do and he has his milk while I did my neb.

I don't tend to have the TV or computer on in the mornings, it is mine and Edward's quiet little snuggly time and I stroke his head and cuddle him while he has his milk. I finished by neb before him today, but once he was done he decided he wanted my neb, not a new thing as he is always trying to grab it and often fiddles with it when I cuddle him. This morning he made a partiularly valient effort to get to it, not only did he clamber over me, he then crawled down the sofa to get it! I didn't have the heart to take it off him as he'd worked so hard to get to it, so I let him have a little play, and the first thing he did was put it in his mouth exactly how I do... I worry that it must have been such a huge dissapointment, I doubt it's anywhere near as exciting as it looks!

Edward then had a bit of a play on the floor, then when he got hungry and started grumping I got him his breakfast, he ate about half of it and then fell asleep in his chair! So I put him back in his bed then went back to bed myself and snuggled with my gorgeous sexy Luke.

We all woke up around 12 and came back into the lounge together. Edward had lots of fun crawling around, he's getting so mobile and much braver about leaving the lounge and out into the hallway which is full of fun things like shoes and boxes of cables! Edward also had a bit of a play in his walker, which we have re-named his Davros chair as he sits in it looking evil and commanding darleks! I spent quite a while out in the hall with him pushing it backwards and forwards, pushing him away and then pulling him right back close and wrapping him up in my arms, it was such good fun.

He is just so gorgeous, even when I'm not directly paying him attention it's lovely to hear his little voice as he squeals and chats away to himself and his toys, the little smile he gives you when you wave to him or call his name is heart-meltingly cute :o)

Friday, 29 August 2008

On A Date With A Parsnip!

Breakfast - Rusk and Banana

Lunch - Apple purée and porridge

Supper - Butternut squash followed by Parsnip with Date purée

Edward was a bit unsettled this evening I think it was just because he got frustrated and annoyed. He managed to crawl all the way from the far side of the lounge, across the lounge out into the hallway (quick play with his Davros walker on the way past) and then into the kitchen to see me cooking, having made it all that way though we had to lift him up and take him back to the lounge as he kept playing with the bin!

Then once in the lounge he wanted to go and fiddle with Luke's computer and Luke's chair (he has a particualr liking for sticking his little fingers right into all the moving parts of the chairs wheels, where they could be crushed) but Luke put up the baracade (namley a chair on it's side) to stop him, and so he got angry about that. In the end though we just fed him more food and that cheered him up!

I have an awful lot of the date and parsnip puree so expect to see Edward eating alot of it over the coming weeks, he really seemed to like it, I think because it is so sweet, so hopefully that will continue as I don't want to throw it away. I did have a piece of duck for him but he fell asleep before we got to main course.


Breakfast - Wheatabix and half a banana

Lunch - A little bit of mince, potato and carrot

Supper - A rusk

Edward wasn't in a hugely foody mood today and slept quite alot, I know how he feels :o)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wheatabix Cement

Breakfast - Half a banana and a Wheatabix BLW, followed by spoon-fed yoghurt

Lunch - Salmon and tomato pasta with nectarine and baby rice for pudding

Supper - None as baby bear was TOO sleepy

Pretty good day all round Edward had lots of fun with the Wheatabix at breakfast especially, needless to say he had to go in the bath afterwards. The salmon pasta I made and froze ages ago but have put off feeding it to him as I was worried he'd turn his nose up at it and didn't want it going to waste, but much to my amazement he actually ate it all without too much fuss, dare I say he even seemed to like it :o)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tanorexic Baby

Breakfast - Apple BLW

Lunch - Apple and Crackerbread with Marmite BLW

Supper - Spaghetti Bolognaise BLW

Edward has done really well at feeding himself today, all three meals have been baby-led and he hasn't asked for much in the way of milk in addition, he's just had three bottles.

There is a major downside however to Edward's fantastical self feeding skills, it's the mess, and yes I know I always moan about that but it seems to have taken a sinister new turn, I am quite worried he is developing tanorexia. Both at lunch and supper he managed to smear so much food over himself that he ended up looking like David Dickinson, and by that I mean fake-tan orange!! We also are rapidly staring to think we may need to buy a food strainer for the bath as it seems to have more food going in it than the kitchen sink....ah well it certainly makes for VERY entertaining family viewing.

I think the best thing that happened all day had to be breakfast time, Edward offered me his breakfast, I was sat eating with him and helping him when he managed to throw everything off the tray, and as I leant forward he offered me his apple. I realised what he was trying to do and so opened my mouth so that he could put it in and I took a few bites, he was SO delighted it was so sweet. He then put it back in his mouth but it wasn't long before he offered me some more,
obviously concerned I may still be hungry. It may sound like such a little thing but Edward is still so young we don't get a huge amount of feedback from him, he doesn't really play 'with' us and he rarely snuggles when you cuddle him, so to have him offer me something with such a sense of care and enjoyment was really touching and not something I think I will ever forget.

Supper was also really fun as all three of us sat at the table together and all ate the same thing, it's the first time we've done that I think since very near the start of Edward's weaning when he had roast with us and Karolina.

You have to guess whether I'm holding my knees or Edwards :o)